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Audit vs. Review vs. Compilation. What's the Difference? July 19, 2019

Maybe you're on the board of a nonprofit and you've seen the terms "audit", "review" and "compilation" mentioned on a form 990. Or maybe you've heard the terms in a meeting with those weird finance people from down the hall. Never really understood what they all mean and what the differences are between them, though? Let me explain.[...]
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Is My Small Nonprofit at Risk for Fraud? July 8, 2022

Every now and again you'll read a story or hear about it. Someone at a local nonprofit was caught embezzling money. No one ever expected this person to do that! They're so nice and have volunteered for years! The truth is, it happens more frequently than you'd expect, and in most cases the scheme isn't particularly complicated and could have easily been avoided.[...]
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